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A Guide to Choosing the Best Bathing Suit for Yourself

Whether you are getting ready for the summertime or you are planning to go on vacation, one thing you want is a bathing suit that is going to flatter your figure and make you feel comfortable wearing it. So we’re going to go some common mistakes that people make when it comes to their bathing suits and tips for choosing the right bathing suit based on your body shape.

3 Common Mistakes When It Comes to Bathing Suits

It can be hard to find the right bathing suit. But there are mistakes that women commonly make when it comes to their bathing suits.

You Don’t Buy New Suits

You have a favorite bathing suit. You keep wearing it. even though you love that bathing suit, chances are that it doesn’t fit the way that it used to. Either your body has changed, or your bathing suit has changed, or both. After all, it’s made of an elastic material. As time goes by, it will stretch. If you’ve had that suit for a couple of summers, it’s a good idea to buy a new one.

You Don’t Consider Your Activities

A lot of women wear their bathing suit for a lot of things, from surfing to laying in the sun. but this is a huge mistake. If you’re really active and going paddle boarding, surfing the waves or other things, the last thing you want is to have the bikini untie or the top of the suit to go flying off and give everyone a free show. You want to choose a sporty bathing suit when you are doing more active things. They’ll give you support, and they’ll stay in place.

You Don’t Get One With Support

If you have a fuller bust, this is one that you need to remember. There are many really cute styles with the support that you need. So take a look and see what is out there. You might just be surprised.

Tips for Choosing a Suit Based on Your Body Shape

Now that we know a few mistakes that women make when it comes to buying a bathing suit, below are common body shapes and how to choose a bathing suit that is flattering for each shape.

  • Apple shaped – This type of body shape has an area in the middle that’s larger than the shoulders and/or hips. Tankinis that have a pattern on the bottom and a solid color up top will help with giving the look more balanced. Another option is one-piece suits with ruching or tummy control.
  • Pear-shaped – This shape has a bigger butt/hips and a smaller waist and shoulders. You want to choose a suit with a pattern on the top and solid color on the bottom. You can also choose boy shorts or a skirt for hiding your hips/bottom.
  • Small Bust – If you have a small bust, try a bikini with a halter top with a band or seam just under your bust and a top that’s lightly lined or padded. You can also choose a suit with texture.
  • Fuller Bottom – The good news is that bathing suits with skirts are in style and they come in lots of styles and patterns. A skirt will flatter the fuller bottom and it’s going to make you look more balanced. Another option is boy shorts You want to choose a suit with a solid bottom as well as a patterned top.
  • Slender and Athletic – If you have a waist, hips, and shoulders that have similar widths, it’s a good idea to choose a 1- or 2-piece suit that detailing around its waist. This will help with creating the look of an hourglass shape. Belted or wrapped bathing suits will help with creating more definition in the waist.
  • Hourglass – This body shape has balanced hips and shoulders and a small waist. You can wear just about any type of bathing suit style.

Now that you know of some tips that you can use to finding the right bathing suit, now comes the fun part – going out and looking for one. We have many different styles of bathing suits in our store for all shapes and sizes. If you have any questions or you want to know more about what we have to offer, let us know. We’re always glad to help you.

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